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Most people think I’m nuts, but I think airplanes and boats really aren’t all that different.  The laws of physics still apply to both equally.  Airplanes and boats are more like sisters sharing the same DNA.  The similarities in construction, behavior in flight or under way are remarkably similar.   So is the regulatory discipline, engineering and maintenance, navigation, and costs of ownership. Airplanes sink and boats can’t fly – but there are exceptions, too!  From canoes to cruise ships to Boeing 747's, all of them are prisoners of the same physical sciences.   Even in their differences there is similarity.

Image by Yeray Sánchez
Aviation & Marine Consultation


Operations - Reliability, Readiness.

Compliance – Regulatory and Quality Systems.

Conformance to engineering and specification.

Risk – Situational Awareness, Process Audits & Assessments.  Risk is what you are willing to give up; and it's not always money.  It could be  confidence in your airplane or boat.

Owner Representation


Manufacturing & Maintenance Owner Representation:   Verify your vendor's promises with onsite support - enlist an advocate.  Whether it flies or floats, cost saving short cuts or quality oversights by a supplier can spell disaster for an owner.  Remember, things are never as they appear.

After a lifetime in commercial aviation, I’ve done thousands of process assessments, conformity inspections and interviewed hundreds of aerospace employees performing the work I was reviewing.  In doing all of that, I’ve learned that you would be surprised at what people don't see.

Don't accept someone else's version of quality.



Sea Trials, Delivery & Vessel Relocation.

If you are buying a boat, we can assist you in discovering which boat is right for you.  Be confident in what you need your boat to do, and how it meets those needs.

We are impartial research analysts in your quest for your next boat.  And, we are not boat brokers.  We are not trying to sell you a boat.

​We can help you put a boat into service with sea trials and shakedowns.

Put Safety First.  Know what safety equipment you need on board and how to use it.

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